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Location: Geauga County, Ohio
Watershed: Chagrin River
Restored Channel Length: 3,200 l.f.
Drainage Area: .51 sq.mi.

Site Survey and Evaluation
Project Design and Installation
Natural Channel Design
Soil Bioengineering

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Oxbow River and Stream Restoration's challenge was to restore Woodiebrook to it's former, high-quality status quickly enough to reintroduce and support a threatened brook trout population. This demanded an intensive and holistic application of riverine ecosystem science from many years of practical field experience.

The Woodiebrook Project featured a multi-disciplinary team of professionals committed to restoring one of Ohio's experience and expertise to meet the client's goals.

Oxbow went well beyond stable stream geometry to ensure a successful project by restoring interstitial and groundwater flows, using gravel dominated substrates, providing in-stream habitat and cover (i.e., pools, shallows, boulders, undercut banks, rootwads, overhanging vegetation), improving water quality, and restoring riparian vegetation and floodplain functions.

This project met the client's goals by restoring 3,200 feet of relocated stream channel, developing a stable, attractive, low-maintenance channel that met mitigation requirements while effectively conveying stormwater. oxbow's experience and attention to detail maximize the potential for meeting the client's needs while restoring an ecologically functional stream ecosystem.