Research Projects

For more information on the following research, contact Oxbow.

Assumptions using the Hydraulic Model.
As a team of practicing professionals, we are researching how natural channel designs when constructed compare with the assumptions made during the hydraulic modeling process.

Bokes Creek Water Quality Enhancement Project.
We are collecting data to document how specific techniques improve the assimilative capacity of a restored stream reach and how segmented habitat may affect ecological recovery.

The effects of light and soil compaction on reforestation vigor.
We are measuring the soil compaction on restored floodplain areas with relationship to plant density and diversity. Also, in areas were we constructed projects under existing dense canopy, we are documenting the affect of photosynthetic radiation on the vegetation techniques and species used to re-vegetation stream banks.

Streambank ADA Handicap access.
We have experimented on three projects to identify the "sweet" spot on the outside of meander bends where an ADA compliant ramp can provide folks with disabilities access to their public resource...right to the waters edge. After all, these are public resources and we are using public funds to restore them.

Restoring hydraulic habitat.
As part of a team of practicing professionals, we are collecting biological data from several projects were we have restored hydraulic habitat in previously channelized stream channels.

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