cfs = cubic feet per second

fps = feet per second

mgd= Million gallons per day

ft = feet

LF= linear feet (measuring from point A to point B)

Cy= Cubic Yards

m = meters

mm = millimeters

ppm = parts per million

sq ft = square feet

sq mi = square miles


LB = left bank

RB = right bank

UST = upstream

DST = downstream

RM = river mile


OEPA = Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

USDA = U.S. Department of Agriculture

ODNR = Ohio Department of Natural Resources

USGS = U.S. Geological Survey

NRCS = Natural Resources Conservation Service

BLM= Bureau of Land Management

ACE= Army Corp of Engineers


CWA = Clean Water Act (Federal Law 1972)

WQS = Water Quality Standards

TMDL = Total Maximum Daily Load

NPDES = National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (permit to discharge pollutants)

401= State issued individual permit to regulate activities in the states waters, including wetlands

NWP= Nationwide Permits. Issued by the Army Corp of Engineers to allow or regulate the discharge of fill or dredged materials in the nations waters, including wetlands. Authorized by Section 404 of the Clean Water Act

IBI = Index of Biotic Integrity

ICI = Invertebrate Community Index

QHEI = Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index

EWWH= Exceptional Warm Water Habitat

WWH = Warm Water Habitat (Ohio EPA designation)

LRW = Limited Resource Water (Ohio EPA designation)

HELP = Huron/Erie Lake Plain Ecoregion

ECBP = Eastern Corn Belt Plains Ecoregion

BOD = biological oxygen demand

DO = dissolved oxygen

WWTP = wastewater treatment plant

CSO = combined sewer overflow

NA = not available

BMP = Best Management Practice

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