We offer the client a better method of delivering a successful restoration project; design-build.

This is what makes us so different! Our hands-on experience in restoration projects provides us with unique and extensive knowledge about the science of stream restoration. Knowledge that is critical early in the project conception and design and essential to project success.

Our projects benefit from that experience from project conception through project completion.

Design-build is not meant to circumvent the public bidding process. If a consultant acts as the client, thumbs through the yellow pages for a contractor, hires the low bidder and pockets the savings-this exemplifies an aberration of the design build process.

Design-build can be a strategic alliance or special working relationship between a consultant and contractor- usually seen as teaming. We have developed this kind of relationship with a handful of experienced consulting engineers. But this type of relationship takes years to develop and only happens with consultants who are excited about ecosystem restoration, willing to communicate and exchange technology and promote mutual respect and trust.

Technically, design-build means that the skills and ability to design and build the project are all under one roof; actually the same personnel. This is our strength and this is what we bring to our restoration projects. We have the unique ability to deliver extraordinary experience at the beginning of the project and the skills and expertise to see it through to completion. Flexible, adaptive and where we constantly exchange information, ideas, approaches and experience within our team and to our client.

Either way, the importance of the design-build process is that applied knowledge and real world experience is brought to the restoration project at the earliest stages of discussion. This ensures better communication and project understanding and a more realistic goal development with the client and public. This allows the team, who will ultimately construct the project, to understand and appreciate those goals. By providing such an experienced team of colleagues early up-front in the planning process, we can then streamline project delivery; effectively reduce costs and providing a better restoration project.

Stream ecosystem restoration is a very complex process. A process that simply cannot be described on a set of plan sheets or in a spec book. A process that cannot be communicated down to an operator who may dig basements for a living.

No more ridiculous attempts by consultants to describe the client's goals at a pre-bid meeting, or expensive and ineffective project oversight in the field by consultants with no real field experience directing contractors with no real restoration experience.

We offer our clients a team of colleagues with the skills and experience to assess the problem, conceive the solution and construct the project with our own hands, with our own equipment. We provide a final project that ensures biological recovery.

We are highly trained and skilled professionals that have unequalled experience. We can build what we talk about and stand behind what we build.

To experience the process, contact our office.

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